New Lady Captain Is Queen Bee!
Lady Captain Drive In - Tuesday 4th February 2020
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Diary Event

Newton Green Golf Club awoke to the sight and sound of “busy bees” awaiting the arrival of their new Queen Bee aka Adrienne Hughes. The theme was specially chosen for Adrienne as she particularly loved her two years of VSO in Malawi where she worked as a business advisor on a beekeeping project with 109 beekeeping clubs in and around the 100 square mile Nyika National Park.

Firstly, Adrienne watched retiring Captain Cate Fraser putt out her season on the 18th Green, then turned her attention to hitting the first ball of her new Captain’s year. Even a bee smoker did not “pacify” her and, as Adrienne prepared to drive, beaming beekeepers and worker bees sang ‘If you are happy and you know it buzz your Queen...’ The Queen bee then drove 135 yards straight down the fairway amidst loud vibrating buzzes of approval as everyone celebrated her inauguration. This was ‘the bee’s knees’ considering her enormous costume.

Her vice-captain Rosie Jackson decorated the club house brilliantly with beautiful bee bunting and the lunch tables were covered in bee paraphernalia adorned with bright yellow daffodils. A bee quiz ensured that everyone went home more knowledgeable than on arrival. A great day despite the windy conditions.

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  • New Lady Captain Is Queen Bee!
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